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St Mary's Primary School, Teemore Road, Enniskillen

Primary 6 are championing biodiversity!

17th May 2024

Last week, the Primary 6 class received a visit from Emmett Brogan, Climate Education Officer with FODC, to plant sunflowers. These will act as a vital source of food, for our pollinators and support our bee population.

Firstly, Emmett took us through some information slides, highlighting the importance of planting flowers, for our various pollinators. As part of his role, Emmett visits schools around the county highlighting the impact of sustainability and how we can all do our bit, to help the environment and reduce the negative effects of climate change.

We planted our seeds in biodegradable pots, which can then be transferred to our flower beds in our communal garden. At present, they are sprouting nicely and once the stalks have reached a height of approximately 30cms, we should start to see leaves and the flower head appear. 

We cannot wait to show you our beautiful sunflowers in June!